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soulmate-supernatural asked: How do I join the Supernatural fandom?

Hmmm. I could go a few different directions with your question, Soulmate. So I’ll give it my best shot.

How do you join the fandom with a lowercase “f”? You don’t choose the life, it chooses you.


It’s a little like that. You watch a few episodes, and before you know it you’ve mainstreamed an entire season in a weekend and are plotting out how you can get caught up by fall before the new season airs. You hunt down all the movies ever made by anyone ever in an episode of Supernatural. Watch all the convention videos on YouTube. Wonder if you can buy a replica of the Samulet (oh, you can buy a replica of almost anything).

Or maybe you want to join the SPN Family. You’re well on your way with a tumblr. A twitter account would be good. Then you can meet other SPN Family members and follow the current and past cast and crew, try to get Robbie Thompson to tweet “No Spoilers #supernatural” at you, watch cast and crew give each other a hard time, and figure out what the heck William Shatner and Orlando Jones have to do with this show. You’ll need a good reference site to figure it all out, and is where it’s at. The SPN Family mainly finds each other online, but you may have a Women of Letters chapter in your area.

Oh! You mean maybe you want to join Supernatural Fandom, capital “S” capital “F”? You can learn about open positions for our website here.

Or just go to our main page, check out our fundraisers (for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and events, and hang out in the Roadhouse.

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